What Is The Four"T" Plan?

The goal of Armenian terrorism that has never hesitated to go to such extremes as cold-blooded murder is to make the claims of genocide against Armenians heard and their demands known. The ultimate objective is a "Great Armenia", for which they designed the so-called " Four T plan" based on propaganda, recognition, indemnity and land. The intention here is to rehabilitate the world public opinion by making them to accept, through terrorism, the existence of genocide against them, to force Turkey into recognising it, to receive compensation in monetary terms and finally to seize from Turkey the land needed for realising a Great Armenia.

The claims underlying "the Four T Plan" are the following:

1) The Turks invaded Armenia and seized its land.

2) They applied a systematic massacre against Armenians since the 1877-1878 war.

3) They resorted to a planned genocide against Armenians from 1915 onward.

4) Talat Pasha issued secret orders to apply genocide on the Armenians.

5) 1,5 million Armenians lost their lives through genocide.

It is necessary to make a brief study on the claims and the historical developments of Turkish-Armenian relations so as to understand how preposterous the insinuations are and which clandestine interests underlie them.